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Meowy and Welcome to my Wink-wink page.

Here is a photo of Boogie, Lia's wink-wink. They became wink-winks on May 30, 2001. He emeowed her and thought she and Sassers were purrty! They visited his site and he was sooo adorable so Lia, got to him furrst:) He is one of Nigel's buddies! Here is his page click here to see the page he made fur me!

A Gift Furrom Boogie  A Gift Furrom Boogie A Gift Furrom Boogie
A Gift Furrom Boogie 

Wow!!! Look at all the cookies he sent me!

I told Boo that I liked the beach and look what he made! He sure knows how to treat a Lady Kitty right!

Click the adorable pic of me and Boogie to see our furrst date!

Looka t the two globes he had made fur me, aren't they purrty?

Look at the outfit he had made fur me, too. Isn't it cute?

Look what my sweet Boo made me. Isn't it purrty?

Jewel Box
Look at the sweet Jewel Box he gave me!

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